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indigo TFAA

Indigo Bunting by Alexia Scott

I paint murals and mini-murals on canvas in my studio. These murals can be shipped any where by rolling the canvas and shipping in a tube. I specialize in nature paintings both landscapes and gardens. Mini-murals run about $5000. for something 5ft x 7ft.

I generally don’t paint directly on the wall but can if the mural is local in Northern Virginia. Depending on the complexity of the larger murals the pricing varies. A 15ft. by 8ft would run $10,000. and up depending on the subject. These are basically very large oil paintings.

Please contact me by email at or phone 703 380-5953  for more information about commissioning murals.

“The parks allowed us to arrest – if only for a few hours  – the momentum and distraction of our lives, and give us, out in nature, a chance to connect to our best selves.” Ken Burns 

The Garden of Eden - Oil by A. ScottThe Garden of Eden – Oil by A. Scott

Indian Farm River, VA by A Scott